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Phindi Msomi

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Are you looking for an engaged and experienced Coach who can move people with her stories, a Trainer who is strategically skilled in her development of others? 



If you are interested in Leadership Coaching that delves into how to create a bond between you and your people through sharing stories that enable them to know the person behind the leader. How do you ensure your personal brand comes through in the way you lead others, in how you create impactful conversations , keep focused and your ability to drive mission implementation and achieve organisational goals.


Phindi's straight from the heart engagement, high energy interaction, motivates audiences to step beyond their limitations into their greatness. 


Over the past decade, Phindi has expanded her role from EmCee and Key Note Speaking to Life Coaching. ICF Accredited to create the kind of learning experience that ensures her audience transforms their lives into a meaningful personal and professional development. 


Let her charisma, warmth and humour lead you into the kind of transformation that will change your life from ordinary to  extraordinary, she does that through the sharing of her life  experiences and woven with business cases of other's who have been through similar challenges and are now living a life of abundance. 

Down but Not Out - How Coaching Can help


  • What is the View from your Window? 
  • Provide mechanisms to process what is going on
  • Tools & Techniques to Reduce Stress
  • Navigate the major life changes you are going through
  • Get unstuck from fixed patterns and adopt the "New Normal"